You Belong Here

The more than 500 people who sit, dance, study, serve and otherwise move through our congregation each day include women whose husbands fought in World War II and kids born in 2019, same-sex married couples, Jews by choice, and traditional Jews who pray in Hebrew. Our senior members founded the congregation in 1948, and 16 new members joined this year. Regular members live on our block, on the Lower East and Upper West Sides, and as far away as Queens and Westchester. Some folks who’ve moved as far away as Arizona remain members to join us for worship when they come back to town. We sing ten songs, including four original compositions, in a typical Shabbat service. Our cantor teaches singing, speaks Yiddish and sang the National Anthem at Citi Field. Our rabbi leads interfaith coalitions into protests, into testimony, and into action. Each service and class we host includes hard questions, easy smiles, and of course, a nosh.  Visit our Shabbat & Worship page to learn more about our musical, responsive and topical Shabbat and Holiday services. We offer updated services and programs for young, middle-graders and teens-  and ways in to worship for everyone. Services take place in our two-story, 200-seat sanctuary. Our historical, award-winning brownstone, designed in 1888 by Richard Morris Hunt, sits about three blocks from Union Square, across from  Stuyvesant Square. It feels like home.

Voluntary Dues

Throughout our 72-year history, East End Temple has relied on fixed dues categories based on age and allowing for individual adjustments as needed. This spring, our Board agreed that the time had come to change to a new dues and membership model that better aligns with our core values of diversity, accessibility, and appreciation of all giving and receiving. This is what we are calling Voluntary Dues for New Members. Please click here to learn more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate relevant Jewish life through connected community. We seek to expand avenues into Torah (Jewish learning and practice), God (all forms of spiritual connection) and the Jewish people (locally and globally) to help one another live lives of meaning.

We do this through:

Our Diversity: Betzelem Elohim, In the Image of God

We welcome all in the Jewish community: young and old; single, partnered and married; LGBT and straight; interfaith families; Jewish-born or converted; those with and without mental and physical disabilities; financially struggling or well-off.  If you choose us, we choose you.

Our Accessibility: My House Shall be a House of Prayer for All People

We encourage full participation, enfranchisement and leadership through education and relationship-building.

Our Intimacy: Face to Face

We strive to know and care for one another through the cultivation of relationships between and among members. 

Our Giving and Receiving: As Your Heart is so Inclined

We aspire to a high quality of synagogue life, and give of time and resources to create that quality.  Our members who derive the most from their East End Temple experience are often those who give the most.