Read our East End Temple Brit for a Respectful Community

Why we are EET
Our mission is to cultivate relevant Jewish life through connected community. We seek to expand avenues into Torah (Jewish learning and practice), God (all forms of spiritual connection) and the Jewish people (locally and globally) to help one another live lives of meaning. We are committed to the safety and vitality of the Jewish people and to a secure and just state of Israel as a home – for all Jews and for all its inhabitants.

How we are EET
Our Diversity: In the Image of God

We welcome all in the Jewish community: young and old; single, partnered and married; LGBTQIA+ and straight; BIPOC; interfaith families; Jewish-born or converted; those with and without mental and physical disabilities; financially struggling or well-off. If you choose us, we choose you.

Our Accessibility: My House Shall be a House of Prayer for All People

We encourage full participation, enfranchisement and leadership through education and relationship-building.

Our Intimacy: Face to Face

We strive to know and care for one another through the cultivation of relationships between and among members.

Our Giving and Receiving: As Your Heart is so Inclined

We aspire to a high quality of synagogue life, and give of time and resources to create that quality. Our members who derive the most from their East End Temple experience are often those who give the most.

What we do as EET

Our mission will direct how we allocate human and financial resources. We support excellent clergy, professional staff and lay leaders who share this mission, to develop and sustain the following:

  • Learning: developing education and programming that lead adults and children to incorporate Jewish learning into the lives they live and wish to live
  • Affecting worship, music, and ritual: offering a range of innovative and traditional ways of connecting individuals to one another, to the Jewish people, and to transcendent meaning (God)
  • Justice: enacting the Jewish value of pursuing justice in our neighborhoods, city, nation and world
  • Social action: providing service to those in need
  • Connecting: cultivating leaders and working intentionally to create the community we want
  • Caring: creating a culture of support and caring for one another in times of struggle and celebration