Welcome Cantor Olivia Brodsky!

Growing up, Cantor Brodsky was touched by liturgical music and recognized it as an accessible and powerful means of connecting with her heritage and community. She believes strongly in the transcendent nature of music, and its unparalleled ability to both convey and evoke emotion and spirituality. 

Influenced by the musical styles of both Reform and Conservative cantors, as well as her background in both Musical Theatre and Classical music, Cantor Brodsky recognizes that the musical preferences of our community are as diverse as the people of whom it is composed. Cantor Brodsky makes a concerted effort to keep the music of Shabbat and Holiday services eclectic, participatory, and engaging. With a combination of folk, contemporary, classical compositions and chazzanut, she hopes that everyone will hear music that speaks to their souls and accentuates the meaning of our liturgy.

Listen to recordings of Cantor Olivia Brodsky here