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Prayers & Blessings:

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Click on each title below to hear Cantor Shira Ginsburg chant each of the prayers and blessings taught in the religious school.

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Shabbat Blessings

- Borei Pri Hagafen

- Hamotzi


Sh’ma and V’ahavta

Oseh Shalom

Modeh Ani

Mah Tovu


Mi Chamocha

- Evening

- Morning

Adonai S’fatai

Amidah Avot V’Imahot

Amidah G’vurot


- Evening

- Morning

Mi Shebeirach

Torah Blessings

- Before the Reading

- After the Reading

Haftarah Blessings

- Before the Reading

- After the Reading


Chatzi Kaddish


Nisim B’Chol Yom


Yih’yu L’ratzon

Shalom Rav

Mourners’ Kaddish

L’chah Dodi (Verses 1, 2, 5, & 9)


Chanukah Blessings

Four Questions