Frequently Asked Questions

Why Now?

During most of our 72-year history, East End Temple relied on fixed dues categories, allowing for individual adjustments as needed. In 2019, East End Temple piloted a new membership model for better alignment with our core values of diversity, accessibility, and appreciation of all giving and receiving. This is what we are calling Community Commitment Membership. Since launching our new membership structure, new members have joined without financial burden; we are so pleased that it has been successful! 

What is Community Commitment Membership?

New members joining East End Temple during the period of July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022 will determine their own financial commitments for membership. We ask each new member to consider the sustaining amount of $1730 per adult as a benchmark (this amount being the current average aggregate of membership and philanthropy per adult members that sustains our congregation). This amount is not a requirement for membership, but we ask that you consider it as more than a suggestion.

Why $1730 per adult?

— The average adult pledges $1220 in membership.
— While membership is EET’s largest source of revenue, it accounts for only half of our annual budget. Therefore, each year we seek additional contributions to East End Temple from all our members in the form of philanthropy. Each year, the average adult provides an additional $510 in philanthropic support (to our Kol Nidre Appeal and additional giving).

Fees for Religious School and B’nei Mitzvah are fixed and separate from Community Commitment, so that we can plan and provide exceptional Jewish education for our children.

How does Community Commitment Membership Work?
If you are interested in joining East End Temple, please complete a membership application. Following our receipt of your application form, you will be contacted by a congregational leader to welcome you into our community, discuss how our synagogue operates, and explain how your pledge sustains Temple life and our mission. Following that conversation, you will be asked to submit a completed pledge form to confirm your Community Commitment amount according to your financial inclination and capacity.

Information is subject to change.

Click here to begin the application process.

We thank you for inquiring about joining East End Temple and hope to welcome you into our community.