Frequently Asked Questions

Why Now?

Throughout our 72-year history, East End Temple has relied on fixed dues categories based on age and allowing for individual adjustments as needed. This spring, our Board agreed that the time had come to change to a new dues and membership model that better aligns with our core values of diversity, accessibility, and appreciation of all giving and receiving. This is what we are calling Voluntary Dues.

What is Voluntary Dues Membership for New Members?
All new members joining East End Temple during the period of July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020 will be asked to determine their own dues commitment. We will ask each new member to pledge an amount that is comfortable within their means, using $2,100 as a benchmark, because that is the average annual dues paid by our current members.

While dues are the Temple’s largest source of our revenue, they still only account for half of our annual budget. Therefore, as with all current members, we will seek additional contributions to East End Temple from our new members in the form of fees and philanthropy. Fees for Religious School and B’nai Mitzvah are essential and fixed so that we can provide exceptional Jewish education for our children. Philanthropy in the form of High Holiday Appeal, fund contributions, and additional voluntary giving help to ensure the high professional and program quality that our community values. Voluntary Dues for New Members will be a one-year pilot program; the results will inform future decisions regarding a more comprehensive dues and membership model for our community.

How will Voluntary Dues Membership Work?
When you decide to join East End Temple, you will be contacted by a congregational leader to schedule a personal get-together. In addition to getting to know you and welcoming you into our inclusive community, we will also discuss how our synagogue is sustained. You will be encouraged to make a voluntary dues commitment for your first year of membership. You can choose to pledge at the $2,100 level, or higher or lower, according to your own abilities and inclinations. Whatever amount you choose you will be a full member, no questions asked.

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